Reports to Parents

Reporting on your child’s performance

Reporting is our way of providing you with an informative overview of how your child is performing across the school. We include a range of information so that you have a complete picture of how they are performing at WSE. 

Paper reports

These are sent home with your child at certain points in the year

Years 7-9

  1. 5th February
  2. 17th July

Years 10-11

  1. 13th December
  2. 26th March
  3. 17th July (Y10)


These reports include the following pieces of information:

  • Attendance – percentage attended so far this year (students should be aiming for at least 98%)
  • Homework – number of homework tasks completed vs the number set
  • Academic Standards – teacher awarded grade for students’ aspiration and courage in their learning (see the attached descriptions).  Please note that teachers will look for a best fit for each student – all bullet points don’t need to be ticked.
  • Academic Progress/Attainment
    • In Years 7-9 we use the assessment information we hold at that point in the year to provide indicators of relative performance.  We compare to the rest of the year group (attainment) and compared to students with a similar profile (progress).  Some subjects use an average of all assessments at that point, others have a mid-year test. 
    • In years 10-11 we use the assessments students have done to estimate students’ current grade and predicted grade.  The prediction is based on the idea that if you continue to work as hard as you are this is what you will get.  The target grade will have been discussed with the student to be an ambitious but achievable goal given their previous performance in tests such as SATs, CATs and end of year exams.  The target is designed to motivate and push students to achieve their best work and help them see what they could be capable of.  

Interim Assessments (IAs)

We want parents to be really clear on what is being learned in school and how their children are doing and we recognise that waiting until December or even February to find out is a long time to wait!  For this reason we will be sharing the results of what we call Interim Assessments with you via ClassCharts.  These are topic tests that happen roughly every 6-12 depending on the subject.  These are given a percentage score and in upper school a GCSE grade.  More detailed information about IAs is available on our website.  At several points in the year books will come home so that parents can see the assessments themselves and be really clear on the topics being studied, what is going well and what could be improved.  

Class Charts

Of course, also available is daily feedback on how your child is doing in lessons in ClassCharts.  Here you can see all positive and negative points awarded by teachers.  We encourage all parents to download this app.  This information is not included on the paper reports. 

Reporting - A Parent Timeline

If you have any questions  regarding your child's report please do contact your child’s tutor in the first instance, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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