KS4 Courses

The options process for Y10 and 11 starts early in the spring term of Y9.  Students and their parents are invited to an options evening where teachers give information about the courses on offer.

Students also receive a detailed booklet of information about the courses and following the evening have a few weeks to read it carefully and make up their minds. We strongly encourage students to talk to their teachers during this ‘thinking time’ in order to make the best choice. We also ask students to choose a back-up option, as it is not always possible to satisfy every student’s first choices.

We also see this process as a partnership, and we may well encourage students to consider certain options, such as a language, as we can see that this may well be of benefit to them later, even when they might not see things the same way. 

Some courses, such as GCSE Computer Science, GCSE PE or the Triple Science route will probably depend on the student achieving a certain minimum standard in their end of Year 9 assessments. 

We aim to confirm these choices by Easter of each year. 

List of courses available at KS4 (Y10-11)

We offer a mix of GCSEs and vocational qualifications.

In addition to the core offer of English1, maths2, science3, RS, Core PE4 and PSHE students select 3 courses from the following list (GCSE unless otherwise stated).

  • Art and Design
  • Catering VCERT
  • Computer Science
  • Design Technology
  • Dance VCERT as well as GCSE option available
  • Drama
  • Farm Studies BTEC
  • French
  • Geography
  • History
  • Music
  • PE CNAT as well as GCSE available
  • Public Services BTEC
  • Spanish
  • Travel and Tourism BTEC

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  1. English Language GCSE sat at end of Year 10, English Literature in Year 11.
  2. Highest attaining students in Maths can also certificate in the Edexcel L3 Awards
    (equivalent to A-Level difficulty).      
  3. The highest attaining students at the end of year 9 follow a Triple Science route
    (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), all other students follow the GCSE Double Science route.             
  4. All students receive 'Core' PE, students can opt to attain a PE qualification in addition to this.