The curriculum at WSE actively sets out to develop learners into well-rounded citizens of the twenty first century who will embody the values we hold dear.

It is broad, balanced and exciting and offers the wide range of subjects that only a relatively large school can. The extensive learning opportunities provided by our curriculum enables our students to flourish and become the very best version of themselves.

We fulfil the statutory requirements placed on all schools and academies and use the National Curriculum as a foundation for all our curriculum planning. Through a three-year Key Stage 3, we fully equip our learners with the knowledge, skills and habits of learning needed to thrive during Key Stage 4. Department leaders plan sequences of learning that challenge all our learners; it is very important to us that students are thinking hard in lessons - irrespective of their starting point. 

Students experience an extensive range of academic, creative and technical subjects, which are taught by highly qualified specialists. Additionally, we have a broad wider curriculum which helps students to understand themselves and the world around them. This includes: religious education; personal, social, health and economic education; sex and relationships education, and citizenship. 

At WSE we also recognise the importance of developing students holistically beyond lesson time through a comprehensive range of enriching experiences, also known as the co-curriculum

In summary our curriculum:

  • Is challenging for all students; they have to think hard.
  • Is broad, balanced and ambitious. We make bold decisions with our curriculum to enable all students to develop their gifts and talents.
  • Is exciting and relevant.
  • Supports the holistic development of each individual. For WSE this means the development of knowledge, skills, wisdom and spirituality.

WSE Curriculum Handbook 2022-24

MLP Curriculum Statement

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