Student Leadership Team

At WSE we are committed to providing a range of opportunities for the personal development of our students, including learning about the importance of service to others. Our student leadership structure is designed to do just this.

Our aim is that we:

  • Raise student aspirations in preparation for adult life
  • Reinforce and develop the school values with particular emphasis on personal responsibility
  • Empower students to take greater control and responsibility of their own futures
  • Develop in our students an appreciation of the value of service to others.

Leadership comes in many forms and throughout the five year WSE journey, every student will be able to learn and develop leadership skills as part of their preparation for life. Leadership opportunities include: form captains, sports captains, sports leaders, pastoral leaders, students voice representatives, eco reps, anti-bullying or curriculum ambassadors.

All student leaders at WSE take pride in being ambassadors for their school and are role models to other students. They want to serve others and support them in their development. In Year 11 our Senior Student Leaders take on the former roles of Head Boy/Girl and senior prefects. We provide leadership training and support for our student leadership teams who embody our school vision and core values.

Applications for Year 11 Senior Student Leadership 2023-24

Year 10 students will invited to apply for senior student and senior prefect roles in term 5.

Detailed information on the application process will be posted on this page and Class Charts prior to this.

Student Voice

Our student leaders across all years play an important role in ensuring every student has a voice. We are committed to making sure all students feel they have a say in their school and we are proud that they make a positive contribution to ongoing development of all aspects of school life. We are guided by the government’s definition of British Values and promote democracy and the rule of law. We are a strong community that works together to ensure everyone can thrive and be successful and that is why student voice is a central part of our termly calendar. We believe that every voice should be heard and very opinion is valued. It is important that our students have a system in which they can contribute to the ongoing evolution of our school community.

Our student voice process is led by Year 11 senior students and provides opportunities for bonding within tutor groups and across all year groups.

We aim for students to:

  • Know their views are of equal importance
  • Feel that they are heard and can make a positive contribution
  • Understand the role of democracy

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