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Activities Week

Even with the most exciting classroom offer sometimes the happiest of memories from school are created in activities that take place outside the classroom.  As part of our mission to achieve true moments of awe and wonder for our students, we run an Activities Week in the summer term which enables students to have experiences that will stay with them for life. The aim of the week is to give our students the opportunity to try something different, have great fun, make new friends, do something they’ve never done before and discover something they didn’t know about themselves.

During Activities Week, we organise a wide range of activities including day trips and residential trips in the UK and abroad, so that students can experience something new or travel somewhere they have never been before. For those families where finances can often limit these types of experiences, we offer financial support so that ALL students can enjoy these experiences. There is also a broad range of activities in school with a strong focus on trying a new activity with new people. Whether you love sport, culture, creative arts, music, languages, literature or problem solving, there is something for you!

Activities Week 2023

We are delighted to be able to share with you our Activities Week offer for July 2023 below:

Activities Week 2023If you are unable to use the electronic link to complete your booking form, please complete and return the form below by Sunday 11th December 2023:

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