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Welcome to Wyvern St Edmund’s. On this page, you will find information relating to admissions. This will mean either that your child is moving from Year 6 to Year 7 or that they are moving secondary schools during the school year.

Choosing your child’s secondary school is a big decision and one that lasts a lifetime! We want to make sure that both the decision making process and then your child starting at the school is as straightforward and as welcoming as possible. 

Mrs Lodge, our Admissions Officer, deals with all admission enquiries.

Mrs Kantolinna, our Head of Year 7, leads on transition from Year 6 to Year 7. She will be delighted to help you so that you feel you can make an informed decision and be confident that you have chosen the correct school for your child.

Do take time to look at our Prospectus as it will answer many of those frequently asked questions (FAQs). Please also visit our ‘About WSE’ page.

View our prospectus

In 2018 Wyvern College (Boys) and St Edmund’s School (Girls) joined together as Wyvern St Edmund’s Learning Campus. In simple day-to-day terms, we are one large, mixed school. However, legally we are two separate single sex schools. There is currently work being undertaken to make the schools legally one school for September 2022. Wyvern St Edmund’s is part of Magna Learning Partnership (MLP).


Applying for a school place if your child is in Year 6

Moving from primary school to secondary school is exciting but can also be a source of worry for some.  We will do everything we can to make sure that your child feels fully supported throughout the whole process. 

In Term 1 (Sept – Oct) we run tours to show you and your Year 6 child around our school. Tours can be booked during Term 1 by contacting the school:

Tel: 01722 328565

We have adapted our tours to ensure that they are Covid-19 safe and we will advise you on these details if you choose to book a tour. These tours are in small groups. They are very friendly and informal and we answer your questions as we walk around the school. 

You can apply for a school place for your child by completing the form through
Wiltshire Council Admissions.

The deadline for this form is the 31st October (the end of the half term break). On the form you will see that you have to choose three schools giving a first, second and third choice.  Wiltshire Council Admissions then collate all these forms and sort them based on a child’s eligibility. Many do get their first choice but it does mean that some will get their second or third choices. 

On March 1st you will receive your offer letter from Wiltshire Council Admissions. This letter tells you and your child which school they will be attending in September. It is a very exciting, memorable moment!  There is a slip on this letter which needs to be returned to Wiltshire Council Admissions to accept or decline the place. Please do not send this slip to the school!  You can also log back on to the online system to see which school your child has been allocated.

For those that did not get their preferred school, there is an appeals process.  Parents/carers who wish to appeal would need to fill out the MLP Secondary Admission Appeal Form which can be found below. Further information can also be found below. Please click the link for the MLP Appeals timetable 2021.

Admissions Appeals Form

Further information about Admissions Appeals

MLP Appeals timetable 2021

Shortly after receiving your offer letter, you will be in receipt of a welcome pack from us. It will have a letter from Mr Burley, Head of School, to welcome your child to our school. There are forms to fill in and return to us, all of which is explained in the pack. Do contact Mrs Lodge if you are unsure with any of the paperwork.

Year 6 into Year 7 for September 2022

This section will be updated in due course. 

Applying for a school place if your child is moving secondary schools (In-Year Admission)

Occasionally a place in the school becomes available. If you are considering an in-year admission we would recommend that you contact Mrs Lodge, Admissions Officer in the first instance, who can also guide you through the admissions process.

Due to Covid-19, we have to advise that we currently cannot offer tours for in-year admissions. Please be aware that your reasons for considering an in-year admission will need to be discussed on first contact. The school works with other Salisbury schools through a fair access arrangement. This may apply to your child. More information can be found by clicking the following link: 

In Year Fair Access Protocol

In-year admissions will need to complete the In Year Admission Form and send to Wiltshire Council.

In Year Admissions Form

Relevant Documents