Uniform Detail

Wyvern St Edmund’s Full uniform detail

The Wyvern St Edmund’s uniform consists of:

  • a black blazer with the Wyvern St Edmund's logo on the top left pocket
  • a charcoal (dark) grey, wide-pleated skirt (no thin pleats please), tailored trousers or tailored shorts.  Skirts must be of a reasonable length, just above the knee. The skirt must not be rolled up.  Trousers must be smart and tailored, not jeans, not chinos, not tight fit, must be full length. Trousers cannot be made from Lycra or stretch fabric.
  • a white collared shirt.  Long or short sleeved shirts are acceptable.  All white collared shirts must have a top button and be capable of being worn with the school tie, therefore blouse-style open necked shirts and polo shirts cannot be worn.
  • a Wyvern St Edmund's striped tie.
  • Socks: Should be plain black or dark grey if wearing trousers. White socks can be worn with a skirt or shorts (in the summer term).
  • Tights: Must be plain black or natural skin colour.  No leggings or footless tights please.
  • Shoes: Must be black only, smart and must be polishable.  Maximum heel height 2” for health and safety reasons.  Sandals, dolly-style shoes, canvas shoes, trainers, trainer-style shoes or shoes with logos are not acceptable.  No boots, including ankle boots, are allowed.
  • Hooded items are not permitted unless they are waterproof coats.  Hooded sweatshirts are not permitted.
  • Outerwear: Coats or jackets must be plain, without large logos, smart and fit for purpose. No denim or leather jackets.

Optional uniform items include:

  • charcoal grey v-neck jumper worn under the blazer (not excessively long or short, no cable, large knit or other pattern, or any logos),
  • charcoal grey tailored shorts can be worn all year
  • any belts should be unobtrusive and plain black

The following items must only be purchased from the school uniform supplier, Price & Buckland:

  • Wyvern St Edmund's tie
  • Wyvern St Edmund's blazer OR Wyvern St Edmund's sew on badge (which can be sewn on to the top left breast pocket of a black blazer purchased elsewhere with black thread only)

Visit Price and Buckland Uniform website

Price and Buckland Uniform Information

Our online uniform stockist offers blazers, skirts, trousers, shirts and shorts, however, these are also available to buy from a range of shops and supermarkets.

P.E. / Dance Kit

Compulsory item that must only be purchased from the school uniform supplier, SWI School Wear:

SWI Schoolwear

Sky blue polo shirt with the Wyvern St Edmund's logo

Compulsory items, which can be sourced from any retailer or can be purchased directly from our P.E. kit stockist:

SWI Schoolwear

- Navy SPORTS leggings OR plain navy tracksuit bottoms

No big logos or writing down the leg please. A small logo e.g. a Nike tick, Adidas stripes or Puma logo is ok) – if wearing leggings, they must be sports leggings please

  • Navy football socks 
  • White trainer socks for indoor/outdoor use
  • Navy skort or navy plain sports shorts – cycling-style tight shorts, including, Nike pro shorts are not allowed
  • Lace-up trainers (any colour)
  • Football boots (any colour)
  • Plain navy fleece (no hood) full zip or ¼ zip



Please note no hooded jumpers or round neck jumpers are allowed.

Optional items
(but very useful/essential in cold weather when PE will still be taken outside)

- Plain navy thermal bottoms

- Plain navy or white base layer top -Plain navy waterproof sport jacket or waterproof pac-a-mac for P.E. in the rain



  • Students may wear a watch, a cross or St Christopher on a fine chain (or another religious symbol), and one pair of small studs for pierced ears - this can be in lobes or upper ear
  • Eyebrow studs, tongue studs,or body piercing jewellery are not allowed.  Nose piercings are allowed but students should wear a plastic retainers whilst in school.  All body jewellery must be removed; covering them with plasters is not acceptable. 
  • No rings are permitted. 

Careful consideration should be given to the timing of getting piercings.


  • Long hair should be tied back for health and safety reasons in practical lessons. 
  • No extremes of hair style or fashion are acceptable, nor cutting below a number 2 grade. 
  • If hair is dyed, it must be dyed a natural hair colour. 


  • The discreet use of make-up is allowed in Years 10 and 11 (no coloured eyeshadow or lipstick/gloss, no heavy eyeliner or eyebrow makeup.)
  • The wearing of natural coloured nail varnish and acrylic nails is allowed but nails should be a reasonable length, no extreme lengths for health and safety reasons.


Baseball caps, hats and hoods are not allowed to be worn inside the school buildings and must be removed upon entry to indoor spaces.