Wyvern St Edmund's has an Academy Governance Committee (AGC) which provides focused governance.  The list of current Governors is below.

Susan Harvey is the Chair of the Academy Governance Committee.

Name Governor 
Type and Appointing Body
Appointment Date Term of Office Pecuniary/Material Interest or Additional Governor Role Specific Responsibilities  Attendance for 2020/2021
Rebecca Ayers-Harris Foundation (MLP Trust/SDBE) 16/02/2022 4 years Employed by Godolphin School   N/A
Sarah Botwright Trust Appointed (MLP Trust) 01/04/2020 4 years Employed by Test Valley School   5/5
Bruce Burley Head of School (ex officio) 01/01/2021 N/A Employed by MLP Spouse Employed by MLP   3/3
Sharon Evans Foundation (MLP Trust / SDBE) 15/05/2015 15/05/2019 4 years No relevant interests Safeguarding 5/5
Foundation (MLP Trust / SDBE) 10/02/2021 4 years Employed by Goldolphin School   2/2
Susan Harvey Parent (Parents / MLP Trust) 01/04/2020 4 years No relevant interests AGC Chair 5/5
John Loades Foundation (MLP Trust / SDBE) 09/12/2020 4 years No relevant interests   3/3
Jake Reynolds Foundation (MLP Trust / SDBE) 10/02/2021 4 years Employed by Salisbury Cathedral School   2/2
Andy Ritchie Trust Appointed (MLP Trust) 09/12/2020 4 years Spouse employed by MLP   3/3
Lucy Salisbury Foundation (MLP Trust / SDBE) 13/06/2017
4 years Trustee, Roche Court Trust Trustee, La Folia SEND 5/5
Zoe Lane Parent (Parents / MLP Trust) 01/04/2020 Resigned 29/01/2022 4 years Employed by Salisbury NHS Trust   3/5
Kelvin Inglis Foundation (MLP Trust / SDBE) 31/12/2017 Resigned 31/10/2021 4 years No relevant interests   3/5
Nicola Bull Headteacher (ex officio) 01/09/2018 Resigned 01/01/2021 N/A Employed by MLP   2/2
Denis Casey Trust Appointed (MLP Trust) 01/09/2020 Resigned 08/12/2020 4 years Governor, Harnham Infants School   2/2
Helen Donnelly Trust Appointed (MLP Trust) 15/05/2019 Resigned 30/09/2020 4 years Employed by Amesbury Archer Primary School   1/1

MLP Governance Framework and Scheme of Delegation

For further information please contact the Clerk to Governors at:

The Academy Governance Committee is a constituent part of the wider governance structure of the Magna Learning Partnership (MLP).  More information about the governance of MLP is available on the MLP website.

MLP Governance

MLP Annual Report and Accounts

Details on previous Governors is available within the below document: