Skills for Life

At WSE we encourage students to take responsibility for their own personal development in five key areas that we believe will help them to realise their talents and ambitions, whilst preparing them for the world of further education and employment. As part of our vision we want our students to develop their skills for life so that they are able to serve others well (1 Peter 4:10).

We believe that all WSE students should be:

  • Punctual
  • Equipped for learning
  • Respectful and considerate
  • Independent and resilient
  • Inquisitive and eager

The Skills for Life were carefully devised using our understanding of excellent learning behaviours, Christian values, WSE core values and key desirable skills/attributes as identified by employers.

In order to support our students to develop these skills throughout their time at WSE we have produced a checklist to help them deliberately learn and practise these behaviours. 

Students use the Skills for Life checklist to regularly self-assess. With support and guidance from all staff, they routinely identify their own strengths and set targets for improvement. Teachers report on Skills for Life and successes and improvements are shared with parents who have a valuable role in helping to support their child/children in working towards developing the Skills for Life in all areas. 

WSE Skills for Life Checklist