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Personal Development Days

As well as enabling our students to develop their academic expertise, we believe in educating the whole person, building skills for life, as well as for work. 

During the course of the school year, we run a series of Personal Development Days (PDDs) for all students. This entails suspending normal lessons for the day and providing a wide range of activities and experiences for students both on and off the school site.

Our PDDs are carefully designed to support and extend the delivery of our curriculum beyond the classroom. Our aim is to provide opportunities for students to discover their talents and passions, fulfil their academic potential ultimately achieving more than they thought possible. We want them to be inspired by the world around them and be ready for, and excited by, the next stage of their education and on into their futures. PDDs are an invaluable part of our work to uphold the British Values of tolerance and understanding and to equip students with the skills necessary to be responsible citizens.

We regularly review our curriculum to ensure that it fits the needs of our students and we pride ourselves on providing an innovative and individualised approach to teaching and learning, which is mirrored through our PDDs. This evolves throughout the course of a learner’s WSE journey, to adapt to their changing needs and experiences. 


Year 7 provides a range of experiences from educational trips and visits to cultural development, performance and interaction. Alongside this, we also work to ensure our students know how to keep themselves safe in the wider world and prepare for the world of work. Students will meet new people and develop interpersonal skills and resilience throughout this varied programme. 

In Years 8 and 9 In addition to a core offer of educational trips, careers and British values experiences, students may opt to participate in a 2 day carousel in the spring term linked to either STEM, healthy living, financial literacy, academic research or performance in order to individualise their experience. These pathways will be delivered across the two year groups providing further opportunities to build character and confidence through new, shared experiences.


PDDs are used to develop excellent study skills and habits, to deepen subject knowledge to prepare for examinations and for the world of work. Time is divided between developing specific subject knowledge, skills acquisition and development and careers information and experience. 

Personal Development Days 2021


Our KS3 students will take part in a carousel of curriculum trips and a PSHE day focussing on personal safety. Trips will be run in teaching groups to allow for preparatory work and follow-up work in class. Please see the relevant year group letter for confirmation about which day your child's class will attend each trip.

Year group Curriculum trip 1 Curriculum trip 2 School-based day
7 Maths/Art, Salisbury Science (forces): Paulton's Park PSHE Day - personal safety
8 History field trip, Salisbury Geography fieldtrip, Lulworth PSHE Day - personal safety
9 PE: Orienteering and Summer Sports, Portsmouth RS: Mosque and Museum, Southampton PSHE Day - personal safety

Year 10 PDDs

Year 10 will be taking part in an invaluable employability week which forms an integral part of our careers programme to prepare our students for their bright futures. The planned programme overview can be found below. 

Wednesday 30th June Thursday 1st July Friday 2nd July
Virtual Work Experience in partnership with Qinetiq Interactive careers workshops from independent providers with a live virtual music performance and Q&A session Careers and Aspirations Day: further and higher education providers and workplace sessions

For further careers information please click here to visit our careers page.