Personal Development Days 2022


Our KS3 students will take part in a carousel of curriculum trips and activities to take learning beyond the classroom. Trips will be run in tutor groups to allow for preparatory work and follow-up work in school. Please see the relevant letter below for confirmation about which day your child's class will attend each trip as well as other useful information.


Years 10 and 11 will focus on preparation for success in their GCSE examinations and beyond. 

4th May will be a day dedicated to exam preparation for our KS4 students. Year 10 will participate in workshops for their upcoming GCSE English Language and RS exams, as well as a practical revision session to equip them with skills. Year 11 have opted for revision workshops in core subjects and independent working opportunities, to help ensure they can target their own personal areas for development. Both year groups will have a fun afternoon dedicated to mental and physical wellbeing ahead of the exam season. 

PDD letters

Year 7Year 8Year 9

4th May groups and key information 

Trip Year Groups Venue Notes
Y7 Maths/Art 7 7GFL, 7JSC, 7CLO, 7ASA, 7ESC WSE and Salisbury town centre Uniform, normal lunch arrangements
Y7 Lulworth 7 7GST, 7LMN,7JVA, 7HPI, 7CMA Lulworth Cove, Dorset Non-school uniform and packed lunch required
Y8 Bovington 8 8JHI, 8BMA, 8LTR, 8LEV, 8MBA Bovington Tank Museum Non-school uniform and packed lunch required
Y8 Around the World 8 8ACO, 8JWR, 8JDO, 8HCL, 8BWE WSE Uniform required, normal school lunch arrangements
Y9 S6C 9 9ELO, 9RDE, 9ALU, 9KFR, 9DMA WSE and S6C Non-school uniform, option of packed lunch or food from the S6C cafe
Y9 Multisports 9 9ERE, 9SHR, 9JSN, 9LAL, 9BDA King's Park, Bournemouth Non-school uniform and packed lunch required
GCSE preparation 10 In X and Y bands - English and RS classes WSE Uniform required, normal school lunch arrangements 
GCSE preparation 11 Bespoke groups for chosen workshops WSE Uniform required, BBQ lunch at Laverstock Sports and Social Club